Our Story

Our story begins on a family trip to Scandinavia in 2015, where the winters are much harsher than Canadian ones. We noticed that their winter apparel, especially hats, differs greatly from what is available in North America. Not only are hats from Northern Europe made from warmer materials and provide more protection and coverage from the hostile climate, they are also much more stylish and reflect the ever-changing trends of Europe's fashion market. We brought back many hats from our trip for the kids in our family, who then got constant compliments and questions about where they came from and how others can get their hands on them! 
This is how Peachy Hats was born; through all of our research, we realized there was nothing local of comparable quality, warmth, and style and knew that we had to find a way to distribute them within our community and throughout North America. 
Peachy Hats is a mother-daughter run business and our number 1 goal is to provide quality products at an affordable price and keep our clients warm, happy, and coming back for more. We have been successfully selling merchandise in the GTA for over 2 years and have now decided to venture into the online market as the demand is so great. 
Try us on, you won't be disappointed!
- The Peachy Hats Family